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Servicing both Mac and PC computers,
MacConsulting works with businesses, retailers, corporations and more.

Get your business started or upgraded with Mac Computers.
The transition will be seamless. Your business will run more
smoothly and more efficiently.

In the end, a Mac computer will save your company money. When
properly maintained, Macs experience far fewer problems than PCs.
However, if you continue to use your PC computer(s), we can
maintain and update your system as needed.

We will:
Meet with you to decide which product is right for your business,
Mbased on needs and budget.
Purchase all products and necessary accessories.
Set-up computer hardware and software based on business needs.
Set-up wireless networking so employees can print, share files,
Mand share internet connection.
Troubleshoot to ensure all elements are working properly.
Set-up printer(s).
Set-up email account(s).
Set-up Blackberry/iPhone/iPad to work with Macs and instruct
Mon usage.
Integrate Mac computers to work with a PC.
  Home and Business
MacConsulting will help you with all your technology needs at work
and at home. No project is too big or small. We will work within
your budget and ensure quality service in a timely manner.

MacConsulting can provide computer and technology training
in the privacy and comfort of your home.
We can help train you in:
General computer skills, including email.
Computer photo programs, including digital camera uploads.
Purchasing and downloading music.
iPhoto, iTunes usage and related programs.
iPod, iPhone, iPad usage

On and Off Site Backup
Use MacConsulting to backup your company’s critical data onsite
and/or offsite. We can backup your files onsite via hard drive,
tape or DVD/CD media. For 100% protection, MacConsulting
can offer various types of off-site backups.

Email and Web Servers
Set up email and web servers.
Upgrade and maintain servers.

Parental Control
MacConsulting can set-up an online parental control program
to control and filter websites for your kids. Parents will be able
to record visited sites and monitor computer usage.
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